Solar energy solutions



MictoTech lab provides a large collection of equipment for the test , experimentation and exploitation of Solar systems (photovoltaic ).

For real time data acquisition and simulation we have 

CU-SLRT : Simulink real-time System (Srd or Pro)









For irradiation and solar power measurement we have

DAQ-WSI: Solar Irradiation measurement









For testing new products without the need of Photovoltaic panels we have

PEC-PVE : Photovoltaic panel emulator unit










For converting DC to AC power we have

PEC-PVC : Photovoltaic converter unit








PEC-3LI : Three level inverter unit








Inverter interfaces (multiple products) 


For Voltage ,  current and power measurements we have

Measurement (multiple products)

Data acquisition (multiple products) for more in dept measurements and recordings



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