VSI-MC6 : Interface for DS1104 for Dual SEMIKRON inverter

The VSI-MC6 is an interface board that allows the user to convert the control signals to dual SEMIKRON inverters.

This board is compatible with uTECH-SRT (Simulink real time), all uTECH MCU boards (ARM , DSP , FPGA...) and dSPACE boards (DS1104, DS1103...).

The VSI-MC6 is idea for multiphase motor control and bidirectional indirect AC/AC back-to-back converter.

Applications :-

  • DFIG Wind energy system control .
  • PMSG wind energy system to three phase grid connection .
  • Variable speed AC motor drives .
  • Variable speed multi-phase AC motors drive.
  • AC back-to-back converter control.
  • ...

Specifications :-

Parameter  Value
PWM input  uTECH-SRH , uTECH motor control units (DSP , ARM , FPGA , PC), dSPACE
PWM output 12 outputs : 15V (SEMIKRON inverter)
Control  Externel 
Inverter Power 02 Outputs : 15 V 2A
Chopper Control NO 
Power  AC 200
Dimension 210 x 140 x 50 mm
Weight  0.4 kg


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