PEC-PVE: Photovoltaic panel emulator unit.

The PEC-PVE is a module that emulates the electrical behavior of the silicon solar panel in various conditions, places of installation, and gives the possibility of performing the experiment in cloudy conditions, which is not possible with actual panels.

This instrument has four independent emulated panels, which can be used independently or connected in series or in parallel. In addition, the PEC-PVE series can emulate the Shading phenomena of PVs. The PEC-PVE also characterizes the IV curve of an independent solar cell, which can be used with the emulated panels or with real solar panels to obtain the characteristics of current and power as a function of voltage [P (I) / V (I)] from photovoltaic sources, with currents of up to 10 amps. Real-time measurement of solar irradiance and temperature is done using the DAQ-PV wireless acquisition system. But what makes our system even more attractive is the possibility of acquiring data from other emulators used by other researchers nationwide in real time.

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