PEC-CSR : PWM rectifier.

The PWM converter enables the generation of filtered and regulated direct current voltages higher than the peaks of the alternating voltages of inputs, by absorbing or injecting (the converter is bidirectional) sinusoidal currents to the network with a unit power factor. With all these capabilities, this converter offers the possibility of using it as a bidirectional power rectifier, active filter or as STATCOM.

The PEC-CSR is equipped with all the functions and accessories necessary for the realization of a test bench for the drive of machines or for renewable energies (control signal conditioning unit, current / voltage measurement unit , protection unit and thus the input chokes). This variant, with external TTL control (pin-to-pin compatible with the PWM outputs of CU-SLRT, DS1104), can be combined with a real-time or DSP control unit (CU-DSP).

The PEC-CSR is available in three types of boxes:

  • 4U rack-mountable metal standard cabinet, supplied with a 9U patch cabinet, solution for scientific research.
  • DIN A4 educational box, solution for educational practical work.
  • Metal box for LABVOLT cabinets, educational solution for old LABVOLT equipment.
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